Best Sandals With Arch Support For Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis may be one of the most common causes of foot pain for runners. However, it is not runners that are the sole victim of it, anyone having to be on their feet all they long can experience this irritating kind of pain. The pain in the feet is no easy thing to do with. It slows you down can causes the domino effect, which means your whole legs and even your mind are in pain too. Therefore, a solution should be found to ease us all from it.

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Many people may choose to utilize ice massage, night sprints and so on to deal with plantar fasciitis. However, you should find something that can give your feet the continuous support during the time you are on your feet, not just something that can ease the pain after you get home. In that case, footwear with arch support is the best option. As they prevent your arches from being drained, your pain is alleviated. Nowadays, not only running shoes are featured with such support, you can also opt for sandals with this function.


A pair of sandals with arch support will offer you the benefits of an ordinary sandals and the pain healing effect. They keep your feet dry and comfortable compared to shoes and also support the arch of your feet and therefore ease the pain.

Best sandals with arch support for plantar fasciitis can offer:

  • Pain alleviation and the prevention of pain return
  • Cooler and dryer feet
  • Easy-on-and off

Sandals for Women

1. Vionic Amber – Women’s Slide Sandal: These shoes will look absolutely stylish on your feet. Besides the look, it also treats your feet really well. The EVA midsole is for shock absorption and extra arch support while the outsole with pattern tread and the deep heel cup enable stability.

2. Vionic Tide Sequins Orthotic Sandals: The sequin offer is the element to stand out. Besides giving your feet the look, these sandals can also the support for all day comfort. The deep heel cup, the EVA midsole and the rubber sole do their best to enables support, stability and comfort.

3. Vionic Karina Supportive Sandal: The metal buckle on the strap is shinny and adorable while the structure with Orthaheel Technology ensure the natural alignment of your feet. It means that a pair of sandals like this looks good and feels good at the same time.

4. Vionic Lizbeth T-strap Orthotic Sandal: These sandals are glamorous enough to go with you everywhere. Plus, they also have the orthotic function. The EVA midsole is included for the toe-to-heel cushioning.

5. Vionic Floriana Arch Support Flip Flop: With built-in arch support, deep heel cup, rubber outsole, these sandals offer you with perfect arch support, extra cushioning and of course stability.

Sandals for Men

1. Rainbow Sandals Hemp Single Layer: The footbed molds to your fit to make sure it fits perfectly and supports the arch. The footbed and also the outsole is non-skid for your safety.

2. Stridetek Flipthotics Orthotic Sandals: These sandals are here to provide your teeth with the best treatment. The EVA support absorbs the shock and molds perfectly to your fit. As a result, your feet are kept in the natural alignment, which prevents the ligament supporting your arch from being drain. The deep heel cup is designed to ensure stability.

3. Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relieving Sandals Khaki: Instead of spending a lot of your time on massaging the feet with ice or wearing the night splints to bed every night, you can seek for a natural healing of pain form these sandals. They fit comfortably, absorbs unwanted shocks, and keep your feet in a natural alignment.

4. New Balance PureAlign Rafter Sandal: The footbed is made to be contoured and supportive of the arches. These sandals also offer perfect fit as the synthetic upper can be adjusted.

5. Montrail Mens Molokai II Recovery Sandal: As the name already suggests, these shoes are designed for you to recover from the irritating pain. The one-piece strap, the foamy insole and the contoured footbed are there to give your feet the best treatment.


Above are some suggestions on Best sandals with arch support for plantar fasciitis for both men and women. Please remember that arch support is an important factor to pay attention to when choosing footwear. They can truly save your feet from being wrecked.

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